Unlicensed Dental Doctor Arrested

Carlos-MierDavie Police said that they have arrested an alleged unlicensed dentist. John Collazos, 47, used to take up cases of undocumented immigrants. He has also been alleged of passing offensive remarks to a woman.

Police explained that he used to carry out his dental work in the back of warehouse. One of the person's, who used to work nearby John, was the one, who informed the police. Carlos Mier said that he used to see Jogn wearing marks and carrying dental stuff.

Not only he, a woman also came to the police to talk about the harassment she has suffered at John's dental shop. The woman was reluctant to come to them, said police, as she was an undocumented immigrant.

Davie Police Captain Dale Engle said that the woman told them the dentist passed some offensive remarks to her, but she ignored the comments. One fine day, he forcefully kissed the buttocks of the woman and then she thought that she needs to come up.

Police thinks that there can be more suspects. Police has said that it is common that illegal immigrants are unable to afford the dental treatments, but they should also see that dentist practicing in apartment might not be safe.