Facebook Seeking to Eliminate Users’ Right to Vote

FacebookA right that is not even known by many people they have is being decided to be taken away by Facebook, a recent report uncovers. The right to vote is likely to be eliminated, especially if turnout turns out to be low and history is a guide.

A wide range of policy changes were introduced by the social networking site the previous week. Also, the way the site handles one's data was announced under plans of changes. It was then hinted that the users' right to vote on policy changes would be abolished.

The social site has been thinking of taking its policy changes to an official public vote. The same would decide if Facebook would make the changes that it wishes to.

It was in the year 2009 when the company had instituted its democracy of sorts via a vote. The same was though put before its 200 million users, no one paid attention to it then. It has been found that only 665,654 votes were given.

The system is now being believed to prove completely useless as the number of users has grown and Facebook has turned into a publicly traded company. "We found that the voting mechanism actually resulted in a system that incentivized the quantity of comments over their quality", said vice president of communications, public policy, and marketing, Elliot Schrage.