Women’s Decision on Men is above Muscularity

Women’s Decision on Men is above MuscularityMen spend hours in gym to get those masculine looks, but a new study might break their hearts. A new study has found that women base their decisions on fatness and thinness rather than on macho features.

As per the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis, it is often assumed that a strong built person has ample of testosterone. The study has found that though the assumption may be true, it proves negative for immune system.

It has been found that testosterone level interferes with the working of immunity. So, strong built people have to make more efforts to remain healthy. However, on the other hand, it has been revealed that fatness also dictates immunity.

Researcher Vinet Coetzee from University of Pretoria said that this is the reason they have concluded in their study that masculinity cannot always dictate fitness. So, the assumption that masculinity attracts women is wrong, said Coetzee. Women based their decisions while showing their interest in men by seeing two things and those are fatness and thinness.

"We found that a man's weight serves as a better indicator of the relationship between immune response and attractiveness than masculinity does", said study researchers, who have concluded this, after carrying out a number of experiments.