Regulator Now Approves Launch of Apple iPhone 5 in China

Regulator Now Approves Launch of Apple iPhone 5 in ChinaChina would be moving on to the iPhone 5 era, with the iPad Mini era by next month, a recent report has revealed. Thursday, the country's regulator approved the launch of Apple iPhone 5 finally on China Telecom and China Unicom's networks.

It has been found that the first one to be a winner from the arrival of iPhone 5 in the nation is a smartphone buyer. It is being believed that Apple's iPhone sales would go higher with the market of 132.8 million 3G subscribers together on the two networks. The sales however arrived at 26.9 million units across the world in the third quarter.

The report says that Chinese consumers would have access to all three gadgets at the Apple Online Store. Either they would get these through reservation from Apple retail stores or select Apple resellers would provide the same.

It has been announced by Apple this morning that on December 7 i. e. Friday, it would be launching the iPad Mini's Wi-Fi versions along with the iPad's fourth-generation in China. Sources say that China Is really of great worth for Apple since it is already contributing for almost 15% of its revenue for a financial year ending September.