Ford Recalls Escape and Fusion after Complaint

fordIt has been recently revealed by Ford Motor that they have been recalling its two newest car models Escape crossover and Fusion. The company said that they have to take a decision as both the models were not able to resists rise in temperature and could easily catch fire.

This is the reason that the company has requested customers having these models to contact their dealers and that too as early as possible. The dealers in return will provide them with a loaner car, which will remain with them until the car gets fixed.

Ford said that they have been trying to find a solution for the problem. A prestigious award named as Green Car of the Year was won by the Fusion at the Los Angeles Auto Show. But, later it was found that the car gets heat up easily and can also catch fire.

On the other hand, the Escape was launched in this July. But, its problems started after a short time of its release. It was found that its fuel line was having some problem and then also it was suggested that they should handover their cars, so that problem can be fixed. Ford said that they have been trying to resolve the problem, as soon as possible.