Genetic Mutations Cause Potentially Harmful Diseases: Study

Genetic-MutationsA study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics by a team of researchers at the Cardiff University says it is a fact that one and all have some flaws in their DNA. However, the impact of the same may be different from person to person.

It is being said that it is these flaws only, which leads one to sometimes face fatal conditions in his life or causes the same to their future generation, if not them. The conditions though often are seen in one's later life.

The team had decoded entire genetic sequences of as many as 1,000 healthy people from the Americas, East Asia and Europe. Looking at how they all differed from each other, it was found that there are some 400 damaging DNA variations in everyone who was healthy.

And two of these genes were linked to disease. It has been told that most of the genetic mutations were silent. They did not impact health, but had the potential to pass the problems to coming generations.

As per the findings, the aim of the study was to find genetic links to diseases so that genetic diseases could be treated. "Ordinary people carry disease-causing mutations without them having any obvious effect", said lead researcher Dr. Chris Tyler-Smith from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge.