Emergency Vaccination Campaign to End Yellow Jack in Sudan

Yellow-fever-SudaAn emergency mass vaccination campaign is being organized by the Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan, which aims at fighting the outbreak of yellow fever caused by mosquitoes, a recent report has unveiled.

It has been found that the fever has marked its foothold in the Darfur region, which, according to health experts, needs to be fought on an immediate basis. Since, the epidemic this time is at its worst in the past two decades in Africa.

The World Health Organization has released the latest data related to the acute viral hemorrhagic disease saying 732 suspect cases are already there and 165 of these have been fatal. However, 20 years back, 604 cases were there with 156 deaths in the South Kordofan state.

It has been told that the campaign is being carried out in three phases, including the first one that started on November 21 involving 2.2 million people from 12 districts. The emergency-response vaccination campaign would on a whole cover 5.5 million people.

The second one amongst these would include 1.2 million people, which is to go the next week. "The challenges are to reach the remote areas, partly because of transportation - no roads, etcetera, and also because of insecurity, because of high risk of hijacking of cars, etcetera", said Dr. Anshu Banerjee, WHO representative.