New healthcare academy planned in Dubai

Dubai-Health-Authority-LogoJoint plans to create a new healthcare academy in the emirate have been announced by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) and Royal Phillips Electronics.

The pair forwarded via a statement it will be in Dubai where the new continuous medical education centre will be based. The pair would also offer support for healthcare workers throughout the UAE.

Dr. Khalil Qayed, Director of medical education at the DHA, "This is a great opportunity for the medical community to upgrade their knowledge and skills and to get in touch with high calibre scientists and experts to exchange their expertise."

The training of new expats entering the UAE to work in healthcare would be the areas of specialization and both companies will recognize a need for the continual training of new medical workers.

In the recent years, Dubai has invested a lot in healthcare infrastructure as it has strengthened its position as the UAE's financial capital, luring a heavy stream of expats in the process.

International health insurance is the main focus of Expatriate Healthcare