Binge Eating makes a person habitual of Smoking Illicit Drugs

SmokingIn a breakthrough revelation, it has been revealed that binge eating can make a person smoke illicit drugs. The study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine has unveiled that a number of side effects of binge eating are been known and a new negative effect has been added to the list.

In order to reach at the above given result, a group of researchers from the Boston Children's Hospital carried out a research. They studied 16,882 boys and girls, who were in the age group of 9 years to 15 years and were part of the Growing Up Today Study.

The study was carried out from a number of years in which a number of questionnaires were sent to them asking about the diet intake. After assessing the data, the study researchers reached at a conclusion that binge eating leads to the habit of smoking pot.

There were a number of other things that were noticed by study researchers. The study researchers affirmed that binge eating habit was found more commonly among girls and overeating was spotted commonly among boys.

"These findings from this investigation and previous research suggest that lack of control is an important indicator of severity of overeating episodes", said the study researchers.