37-Year-Old Mom Shares Her Side of Story

Sally-RobertsThere has been so much talked about how 37-year-old Sally Roberts took her cancer-affected son away from the fear that radiotherapy would leave serious consequences on him. She is of the view that she needs a lot more concrete evidence proving that there is no other treatment except radiotherapy.

The woman, from New Zealand but living in Devon, was reported to have disappeared with Neon after she got into argument with her husband with whom she is not living anymore over the suitable treatment the boy must get in order to save his life.

She said she wanted to track down other options that might not affect her son potentially. "I was on a conveyor belt and I had no choice. They said treatment must start", she said, while sharing her anxiety at that stage. "I thought if I was going to take him to the hospital they would never let us go home".

She feels proofs were not convincing enough for her to go ahead with the treatment. After a long search operation ordered by a judge, they were located last Thursday after some days. It has also been said that the cancer had returned to the area where the previous medulloblastoma tumour had been removed.