NHS Proposal of DNA Database Receives Criticism

DNANHS has been plotting a DNA "data infrastructure" of patients. The aim is to aid medical research, a recent report reveals. But, the plans are being largely criticized by civil liberties groups.

It is being said by critics that the new plan would breach privacy of patients. The criticisms are being seen even when it has been told that the new genetic database would contain anonymised data only. Also, security perils are being raised, when the NHS says that privacy and confidentiality of all patients would be considered a priority.

The genetic profiling scheme being proposed is worth some £100m. It is being promised that the exception of anonymised data might break while the system would be used for individual's own care.

Though, accusations are also coming like government is planning to exploit patient data so that pharmaceutical researchers buy it for commercial exploitation. As per the findings, the NHS is only looking forward to take out details of some 100,000 patients so that the info could be used into researches to find out better cure for problems like cancer formation.

"We're now getting to the point where the use of genetics in patients can actually help us deliver medicines and understand cancer much better, and understand a range of diseases", professor of medical sciences at Oxford University Sir John Bell said.