Eating Disorders Cost Way Too High

Eating-DisordersWhile there is no doubt that mental eating disorders affect many, it can cost too much. A recent report by SANE Australia has shed light on how eating disorders affect the lives of almost one million Australians.

In response to the same, Jack Heath, CEO of SANE Australia, said: "The Paying the Price report is a significant document which shines a light on an area of mental illness that for too long has been lacking in understanding and resourcing".

Commissioned by the Butterfly Foundation, the reports highlighted the scary mortality rate, which indicates that those who suffer from eating disorders are two times more likely to die as compared to those in the general population.

If Deloitte Access Economics is to be referred to, there are fair chances of 1,828 deaths due to the same in Australia this year alone, which in itself is alarming. There is also lingering negative body image, which stems from eating disorders, thereby enlarging the scope of eating disorders to mental weakness.

The Butterfly Foundation has done a lot in the direction of those who are at the receiving end of eating disorders. There is dire need for extra funds to be infused in the system along with community support to deal with the rising scar of the health issue.