NAAPA Holds Campaign to Fight Alcohol Risks

AlcoholThe NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) has organized a campaign online, whose aim is to shed light over summer alcohol risks. It is calling for firm and stern alcohol restrictions and says that it only wants to free up more hospital beds.

It is being said that the aim is only to save thousands of lives and the group is not a wowzer. The group comprises the Police Association, the NSW Australian Medical Association and the FARE i. e. the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education.

The group is of the belief that the plan is though uncommon to regulate alcohol distribution and pricing. But, it would certainly prove to be effective. It is being suggested by NAAPA that the trading hours should be shorter and there should be less alcohol promotion.

Also, pricing controls should be tighter than before. NAAPA works on the frontline to deal with alcohol-related violence as well as injuries. It wants to reduce both these scenarios with the new campaign.

"There is no suggestion of prohibition, no suggestion of raising the drinking age, many of us actually enjoy alcohol", the Australian Medical Association's Associate Professor Brian Owler affirmed at the launch of NAAPA on Thursday in Sydney.