Google Would Not Stop Track-Keeping of Santa

googleThough, for the past five years, the official Santa tracker for NORAD has been Google Inc. Google had been in a contract with NORAD for being the Santa tracking destination and the world has also used the same highly.

It is this year that this trend is going to see a change. A recent report has been claiming that from now, the official NORAD Santa tracking can be used from the Microsoft Bing. It is being said that the authorizations has been transferred to Bing.

The style of keeping a track of Santa is being expected to be the same as it was when the authority was with Google. But, the report further reveals that Google would not stop tracking Santa.

It has been told by the biggest search giant that its Google Maps engineers have helped it build a new route algorithm, which would be conducting the work of charting Santa's journey across the whole world on the Christmas Eve.

The report finds that the company has now a new Chrome extension along with a new Android app, which is there to aid one in tracking Santa from smartphone or tablets. It is being said that one would also be allowed to know where Santa is on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.