Adder Snakebite Frequency Highest in UK

Adder Snakebite Frequency Highest in UKPublished in the Emergency Medicine Journal, a recent audit has shed light over a concerning fact that half of all the queries that come to the UK National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) are usually of adder bites.

The figures related to snakebites released newly have shown that health officials these days once or twice a week receive a report about the same. The UK poisons service has in all received 510 calls related to the same from
2004 to 2010.

It has been told that two of every five of those cases later resulted in envenoming, with some 85 cases turning into requirement of antivenom. In the mean time, it has been found that envenoming is an injection of poison, which a snake's fangs leave into the blood stream of a person.

The report has discovered that a quarter of snakebites were related to exotic snakes that are held in captivity. Cardiff researchers have told that the actual incidence of these bites and injuries in the UK is however still unknown.

But, it is clear that adder bites were the greatest in number. "We described a higher incidence of injuries from exotic snakes than an older UK study. This may reflect a rise in the number of snakes kept by private individuals", said the authors.