Moulded Cheese may Reveal Secret behind French People’s Long Lifespan

Moulded Cheese may Reveal Secret behind French People’s Long LifespanA novel research seems to have found reason behind French people enjoying long life spans despite consuming a diet high in saturated fat. The research was taken out by a group of British researchers have found that the blue veined cheese is quite effective in preventing cardiovascular problems.

The study researchers affirmed that the sheep-milk cheese, which have been saved in caves for years, is quite beneficial in keep heart save from any health complication related to cardiovascular disease.

The study researchers said moulded cheese is expected to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. "The anti-inflammatory factors found in these cheeses could be extracted and used independently or as a part of today's pharmaceutical or beauty products", said the researchers.

The research was carried led by Ivan Petyaev and Yuriy Bashmakov said that though they have provided a number of details in this project, further researches on cheese, which have been kept in caves for years, will provide a better picture about their claim.

In addition, it has been said that regular consumption of moulded cheese like Roquefort and Camembert could be one of the reasons for which French people enjoy not only a healthy lives, but also reduced incidents of cardiovascular incidents.