Paula’s Choice Research Team Shares How to Get Beautiful Skin

Paula’s Choice Research Team Shares How to Get Beautiful SkinAcne is a big skin problem for people of all ages and is sometimes very painful. According to data gathered, it affects almost 95% people while age at which it occurs differs in every individual.

Paula's Choice Research Team published a book named "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" to guide people about what cosmetics products they need to choose. They share few tips from the same to help the people of any age to get rid of these frustrating pimples.

Here we have brought some brief account of these tips for our readers. The team has claimed that following few steps can help them get a beautiful with significant decline in acne breakouts and in may be no acnes at all in some cases.

First and foremost necessity to get a clearer and beautiful skin is cleansing. It's very important to clean your skin at least twice a day in order to remove excess of oil and makeup that sometimes clogs the pores.

Secondly, exfoliation is also mandatory but make sure that the product you use for the same is well formulated with salicylic acid. After exfoliation, apply lightweight anti-acne product to protect skin from bacteria like benzoyl peroxide. Lastly, avoid heavy moisturizers or you may use gel based moisturizers.