Dubai Hotel to Offer Camel Burger

Dubai Hotel to Offer Camel BurgerThe Local House restaurant, a traditional Emirati restaurant in Dubai, has expanded its menu by adding the Camel Burger available for just 20 UAE dirhams or $4.45. The fat free burger, weighing just a quarter pound, can be a good choice for carnivorous but health-conscious diners.

Ali Ahmad Esmail, Local House Assistant Manager, while declining to divulge trade secrets, said that fat- and cholesterol-free burger patties would offer a delicious taste and it will be beneficial from the health point of view.

The restaurant would source the camel meat from a camel farm in Al Ain which is known for camel breeding and racing for centuries. Camel meat, though, popular in Arab countries, is not sold in supermarkets or served in restaurants. Now, Local House takes the lead for becoming first restaurant to offer meat burger.

The camel burger is also likely to be sold in the World's tallest tower Burj Khalifa for residents and tourists visiting the skyscraper. The Local House is said to be opening its branch in Burj Khalifa given to the huge tourist and business potential of the tower.