Antibiotics Misuse Decreases by Six Percent in China

Antibiotics Misuse Decreases by Six Percent in ChinaAs reported by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the misuse of antibiotics in China decreased by about six percent between 2008 and 2011.

Annual report from the organization revealed the data which said that the misuse of antibiotics was reported to be 25% in 2008 and it dropped to 19% in 2011. An official news agency of China, Xinhua gave the above said data after collecting it from hospital across 21 provinces.

The report suggested progress in drug use across the country which was achieved through a campaign. Antibiotics misuse is one of the reasons behind high medicine costs which came down this year. It is a common belief in public that antibiotics reduce the inflammation; therefore, they were misused by people for common ailments across the country.

However, the experts said that it can cause serious conditions with adversities in health while it can lead damage to many organs and problems of body becoming resistant to medicines. Reports from private agencies have earlier revealed that overuse of antibiotics causes 80,000 deaths in China annually.

“The report illustrates the success we've made in the campaign. Antibiotics abuse drives up medicine costs”, said Zhu Hengpeng, the Senior Associate of the Institute of Economics, at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.