Three Sessions More to Go for TribeFIT

Three Sessions More to Go for TribeFITIt’s been 5 weeks when the fitness sessions began under the name TribeFIT to help people achieve their desired fitness levels.

The sessions were held for three days every week. In the beginning, the people receiving the benefits found the sessions to be a little fun but gradually after few sessions they went upon pondering if they could really survive the whole 18 sessions.

Slowly and steadily they got used to it and received good results. And now when the sessions are almost close to their end, people are bit sad thinking how they are going to maintain their fitness after it is over. More than that, some are worried about what they are going to do really once it’s off.

Fitness sessions included regular warm up followed by push-ups and sit-ups. After that the participants did 500m run and weight lifting according to their tolerance. After that, they had 10 clean and thrusts and some of them did 800m run.

In addition, it included more number of clean and thrusts increasing gradually, 25m sabre tooth crawls, 25m inchworm crawls, 25m chimp crawls, 25m spider crawls, and 50m alligator crawls. The sessions helped the participants to achieve good fitness levels while utilizing their time appropriately.