RIM to Launch Blackberry X10 by the January 2013 End

RIM to Launch Blackberry X10 by the January 2013 EndAs reported recently, Blackberry is all set to launch new handset by the January end next year. Blackberry X10 is all equipped with new features.

There is not much excitement about the looks the mobile will possess since some of the pictures revealing the same have been already viral in the public. The Blackberry X10 is a platform and a touch-screen phone as depicted in the pictures.
It is said to be a touch-first operating system despite a tight screen featured by the new launch. Screen is not considered sufficient as it is completely touch-screen.

Research In Motion (RIM) said that from quite early days of development of the BB10, it supported the production of physical keypad featuring phones.
This time too, RIM shall play a vital role in the new launch by Blackberry.

Customers love the QWERTY keypad, says the company and stressed that they are actually obsessed by it. Once person gets used to it, it becomes difficult for him to live without it.

RIM has this time spent a good effort and time in development of the virtual keyboard for BB10 and it’s quite good. This is something RIM was boasting off to the media. However, the future of RIM is still unclear with fate of the new phone lies in the lap of future as of now.