Melbourne Couple Plans Marathon for a Year

MelbourneDifferent people come up with different New Year resolutions each year, including health goals, exercising or losing weight or even reducing on booze. But, a couple from Melbourne has pledged to go on a marathon.

It has been found that it is not a short-distance marathon. They would be running everyday for the whole year around Australia, literally. The aim of the couple in their 60s is to raise awareness about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Murray had been diagnosed with the deadly breast cancer and was told that she could live only for six months more. However, a diet of raw foods with exercise helped her to recover.

Janette Murray-Wakelin with her husband Alan Murray has already begun with their marathon from Melbourne's heart. January 1, they ran in Melbourne's Federation Square. It is being said that further, they would be running anti-clockwise on the Princess Freeway. Their marathon would end up back in the city on New Year Eve only.

"I think with our age that's something to inspire people it's never too late to make changes and to think more consciously about what they're doing so that they're healthier", Murray-Wakelin said.