Tap Water Not Only Cheaper But Also Safer Than Bottled Water

Tap Water Not Only Cheaper But Also Safer Than Bottled WaterIt is often considered that bottled water is safer than tap water. But, a new research has concluded something completely opposite to the same.

As per a research, which was taken out by a group of researchers from Glasgow University, it has been found that tap water is safer for drinking than bottled water. It has been said so, as tap water has passed through more stringent tests than bottled water, so it has been said safer.

Prof Paul Younger from Glasgow University said, "People think there must be something wrong with tap water because it is so cheap and plentiful. But from a safety and price perspective, tap water is better for you".

Younger said that tap water passes through strict inspection regime, but such is not the case with bottled water. Once it gets filled and sealed in bottle, it might remain packed for months until it gets sold. In fact, when water bottle gets opened, it has no means of getting sterilized.

People prefer buying bottled water and pay more money for the same. Simultaneously, people also feel that tap water is not safe, as it is quite cost effective and available in plenty. But, study researchers suggested that one should change their thinking about tap water and start preferring it.