German Manufacturer’s Cancer Drug Successful in its Primary Stage of Phase III Trial

BayerAs evaluated by a study called DECSION, Nexavar drug meant to treat patients with radioactive iodine refractory differentiated thyroid cancer has been successful in its initial stage of phase III trial.

The drug is an oral therapy against cancer and is developed by Bayer healthCare unit's U. S. division, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., and U. S. drug maker Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The study confirmed that the drug was efficient and safe to use for the purpose.

The efficacy of the drug was compared against the existing drug placebo and was found that it was better than that. The drug has been successful in meeting the primary endpoint in the trail and has helped the patients to have progression-free survival.

The secondary endpoint trial will evaluate the drug on the grounds of overall survival, time to progression, response rate and duration of response. It was found that the drug was quite safe and tolerable on its existing profile.

According to the firm, most of the differentiable thyroid cancers are curable; however, RAI-refractory, locally advanced, or metastatic disease were comparatively tough to overcome and also had a lower survival rate.

"We are pleased that the results of this study demonstrate that Nexavar may provide a treatment option for these patients", said Dimitris Voliotis, MD and the Vice President of Global Clinical Development Oncology, Bayer HealthCare.