Flu Cases on Rise in Louisiana

Flu Cases on Rise in Louisiana"Get some rest, drink plenty of fluids and please get tested. You can go to any convenience clinic to get a test done", suggests a nurse practitioner Debra Blanson, following observing an increase in the number of flu cases.

Thursday, St. Francis Convenience Clinic on Oliver Road noted since the start of winters, there has been a significant rise in flu cases. Dr. Shelly Jones, Region 8 Director of the Office of Public Health, has told that the flu season often goes through April starting from October.

Also, the same reaches its extreme high in the month of February in Louisiana. Health professionals have been asking residents to remain vigilant and take precautions so they could ensure their health safety.

It was announced by officials from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention last month only 2012, there would be earlier attack by flu. Also, fiver Southern states including Louisiana would probably face higher than usual impact of the same.

Blanson has reported that two to five cases each day have been seen since early December, which is indeed concerning. Everyone out in the community is being asked to remain covered while going out and elderly people with children, 4 months in age and above, should in particular take care as they have weak immune systems.