Polio Vaccination Program Reinstates with Higher Security

Polio Vaccination Program Reinstates with Higher SecurityHealth workers, who are a part of a polio vaccination program, were largely attacked in the month of December. Friday, officials announced that tighter security has been provided this time so that no such incident occurs again.

The polio vaccination program was suspended following the attacks. Since, nine health workers in Karachi and the northwest were killed brutally. Also, a man with six women was shot dead on Tuesday in the northwestern district of Swabi. These people were workers for a charity engaged in polio vaccinations.

It has been told that now the program is being recommenced in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and there is paramilitary and police support for workers. Another nationwide campaign could be planned, says a senior government official, but it seemed better to vaccinate children in phases.

The government believes that low key manner along with proper security arrangements would allow in inoculating kids safely. Campaigns would now be organized separately in different districts, head of polio eradication Dr. Janbaz Afridi has told.

"We had to launch a campaign from January 14, but without security clearance, so we reviewed the schedule and modified policy to do it in phases starting from high-risk districts", sources quoted Afridi as tweeting.