First Hand Transplant Op Gives Motion to Man’s Hand

First Hand Transplant Op Gives Motion to Man’s HandHe has received the first ever transplant of hand in the UK and following the same, he was seen extremely glee. 51-year-old Mark Cahill has undergone the eight-hour long operation so as to get his severe gout treated.

December 27, the surgery was carried out at Leeds General Infirmary, the report finds. However, the op was largely criticized by a renowned surgeon of the nation for he believed that the patient would at the end of his arm get a dead hand.

The surgeon affirmed that transplanted hands were often limited and caused much inconvenience later, though nerves were joined up carefully. But, the challenging surgery has turned out to provide Mr. Cahill with slight movement in his right hand, which had stopped functioning due to gout.

Doctors in Leeds affirm that the treatment given involved a new technique, which involved removal of his non-functioning right hand, thereby transplanting the donor hand. Surgeons further say that the procedure, probably the first one, has provided accurate restoration of nerve structures.

"This operation is the culmination of a great deal of planning and preparation over the last two years by a team including plastic surgery, surgery, immunology and many other disciplines", Professor Simon Kay, Consultant plastic surgeon, was quoted as affirming.