Brain-Like Object in Essex Youth’s KFC Meal

Brain-Like Object in Essex Youth’s KFC Meal"I have a habit of picking the chicken off the bone with my fingers and as I pulled the second piece apart, I saw this horrible wrinkled foreign body", said Ibrahim Langoo, 19, of Essex. He has claimed of finding chicken brain in his meal at KFC.

Fast food giant KFC has apologized from Langoo, but has also affirmed that they were not able to see the object. But the photograph of the object shows that it was kidney and not brain. Chefs must have not taken it out during preparation, however, and then also its sight was awful.

Langoo said that he was having his meal at the Colchester restaurant. He pulled the chicken apart and noticed some brain-like organ and immediately put it back in the tray. The scene was so horrific that he just clicked object's picture and showed it to the staff.

He said that the picture also has been posted on Facebook, which has been shared some 500 times since December. The caption of the picture reads that the picture shows why a person should not eat at KFC! Though KFC has apologized Langoo, he is not sure about his next visit at the eating place.