China’s Experience of One-Child Policy

China’s Experience of One-Child PolicyA leap of 75% was witnessed between 1949 and 1976 in the population of China. This led the government to come up with a policy of one-child in 1979. The policy was criticized a lot and was counted among the unpopular policies of the country.

Comparative analysis was done and it was found that 15% population has decreased due to the law, which otherwise would not been seen. Decline in the population gave law makers a chance that their decision was not wrong.

On the other hand, teachers and employers were the ones, who got to know about the real problem of having one-child. In 2004, an interview was carried out which revealed about the side effects of one-child policy babies.

They were of the view that single children never get to learn as how they have to deal with stressful conditions. They never get to know about how to cope with disappointment as well as frustrations.

Single child gets liberty to do anything what he feels like and is spoiled to an extent. There are companies in China which have made it quite clear that they do not have job postings for single children. Knowing the side effects of the single child, there are chances that the government may cancel the policy by 2015.