Iowa Witnesses the Longest Kidney Transplant Chain

Iowa Witnesses the Longest Kidney Transplant ChainA recent news piece talked about the longest kidney transplant chain ever been started in Iowa, where as much as five people managed to receive a new lease of life and that too in three days. Among all were a couple of Peter March and his wife, Nerissa. Though Nerissa had suffered from kidney failure, her husband despite his agreement to donate his kidney could not help her as the organs were not compatible.

However, the couple was lucky enough as Peter donated his kidney to save someone's life and his wife got kidney from a stranger.

"This is why it's so special, that we hear often in the news such detriment, such poor outcomes, and always focusing on the negative", said Dr. Cass Franklin, director of the transplant program at Mercy, said at a news conference, while confirming that the chain apparently started with a humanitarian donor.

The paired kidney exchange actually sped up the entire process; else, they would have had to wait for long years. As of now, there are as much as 532 people waiting for kidneys, and that's what makes it all the more imperative that more and more efforts are made to address the rising concern of organ donation.