Researchers Trap Major Cyber Attack

Researchers Trap Major Cyber AttackResearchers, Prof. Alan Woodward and colleagues, from the University of Surrey have this time discovered a major cyber-attack, a recent report has revealed. The finding is being claimed by an expert as extremely appreciable.

It is being said that the attack was designed in a way so that encrypted files could be stolen without any hindrance. However, the same was also able to extract the files that were deleted, the report says.

Kaspersky Labs is of the opinion that the malware's main targets included government institutions like nuclear research centres, oil and gas institutes and embassies. Seemingly, the attack that had started the damage since 2007 had been trying to reach almost everything, including PDFs, word docs and the like.

But, some specifically encrypted files might have remained safe, though these could have been listed under the targeted file extensions. It has been told that the main focus of the attack is Eastern European and Central Asian countries along with USSR Republics, but victims are likely everywhere.

"The main objective of the attackers was to gather sensitive documents from the compromised organizations, including geopolitical intelligence, credentials to access classified computer systems, and data from personal mobile devices", Kaspersky Labs was quoted as saying.