Light Necessary during Pregnancy, Says Study

Light Necessary during Pregnancy, Says StudyA team of researchers from the University of California, San Francisco has published its latest study in the journal Nature, which has claimed that passing light through the womb and the body can play a vital role in one's eye development.

The findings have raised researchers' hopes that understanding of eye disorders would be strengthened in near future. Since, these have hinted that little light is necessary during pregnancy so that the eye's blood vessel growth could be controlled.

Mice were recruited for the study, which has shown that pregnant mice, when kept in complete darkness, gave birth to babies with altered eye development.

The hyaloid vasculature or a network of blood vessels is formed usually, which aids in feeding the retina while it is amid construction process. Nevertheless, these are removed later or else sight may get disrupted. But, pregnancy in darkness did not allow the same.

The lighting effect, as per the report, has been earlier used for filming an infection as well while it spread through the body. It is being said that though, a journey inside a person or a mouse would not allow seeing any light. But, small light quantities keep passing through their bodies.

"It's not something subtle here, it's a major effect on the way the retina develops that requires light going through the body", said Prof. Richard Lang.