Facebook Launches New Tool to Make People Share More Personal Data

FacebookNot a many days have passed when Facebook unveiled its novel search tool namely, Graph Search. In the present time, when a number of incidents have been taking place across the globe, the online world gives an impression of being quite unsafe.

Experts have affirmed that though Facebook has added up a new tool in its list, it has to be seen as how many people get ready to divulge their private details. There are more than a billion users on Facebook and it will not be easy at all for Facebook to convince them to share their private details.

"There's a big potential upside for both Facebook and users, but getting people to change their behaviors in relation to what they share will not be easy", said Andrew T. Stephen, marketing expert at the University of Pittsburgh.

While explaining the details about the new search engine, Jonathan Thaw, a Facebook spokesman, said that the graph search will help people share fun things with people like their favorite dining places. Some of the other things that can be shared by people are their taste about music.

Though it has been made clear that Facebook cannot touch skies unless people share their private information, it is also sure that people will share some private details through this new tool.