Quadruple Helix Found in Human Body, Reveals Study

Quadruple Helix Found in Human Body, Reveals StudyTill now, the molecule of life tag was beard by a genetic code that is a double helix. However, it has happened for the first time that a group of researchers from the Cambridge University have claimed that they have seen working quadruple helix working in human body.

The study researchers were of the view that they have made a shocking discovery and have found a four-stranded DNA to be working in human cells. The journal Nature Chemistry published study is said to have given birth to a hope that the use of the same will be able to bring a decline in the cancer incidents rate.

Prof Shankar Balasubramanian from department of chemistry at Cambridge University said, "We need to prove that; but if that is the case, targeting them with synthetic molecules could be an interesting way of selectively targeting those cells that have this dysfunction".

Balasubramanian still remembers when the discovery of double helix was made. James Watson and Francis Crick were the ones who made the discovery some six decades back. They termed the double helix to be secret of life. However, it is now after such a long time that they have come up a new revelation of the presence of quadruple helix in the body.