Influenza Sorbet Can Help Against Flu?

Influenza Sorbet Can Help Against Flu?This season has been worst hit by flu so far and so are the health officials advising people to stay most cautious of falling down with this ailment. But do you really know, what you should do if you already have it? Read the news below.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams bring a solution for you. No, the news do not say that having this Ohio-based company's Influenza Sorbet would cure flu but yes, it is sure that the treat would make one feel better, says Ms. Jeni Britton Bauer, the company's founder and president.

She adds that the Influenza Sorbet from the company is made of honey, ginger, orange juice and lemon juice along with Maker's Mark bourbon and cayenne pepper, which altogether forms the most soothing sorbet to taste.

"My mother and grandmother made something very similar to that as a drink when I was a kid, even with the whiskey", Ms. Bauer said on Sunday.

According to Ms. Bauer, the sorbet contains pectin, which has a power to coat the throat, honey's presence in it lubricates the throat whereas the cayenne pepper is good for clearing the nasal passages. She believes that all the above products in her ice cream make it perfect to soothe irritated throats and relieve scratchiness, thereby helping the sufferers in getting the most needed sleep.