Ongoing Hunt For Snakes In The Everglades A Hoax?

Ongoing Hunt For Snakes In The Everglades A Hoax?A shocking story has shared, what James Kracy, a Florida college professor and head Python Truther, has to say about the much-talked about running python hunt in the Florida Everglades. While the hunt is still on, he has made some alarming claims about the entire hunt being a cooked up story!

The hunt is reported to be organized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission so as to kill off invasive Burmese pythons from the Everglades. There have been reports that a large number of hunters even participated in the hunt in order to get awarded with hefty amount.

But as per Python Truthers, there is no truth in the python hunt in Florida and further went on to say that there are no pythons in the swamps of Florida at all. He further said that all the photos and videos published in the press lately about hunters catching pythons in the Everglades, are perhaps photo shopped in order to befool others.

While blaming the government behind the entire sad story, he said, "One thousand 1,000 hunters each paying a $25 fee? That's a total of $25,000; but the entire prize money offered was only $2,500". Nonetheless, he is aiming to get a government grant so that he can go deeper into this conspiracy net.