Microbial Life Survives in Storm Clouds

Storm-CloudsA group of researchers at the Aarhus University in Denmark has discovered, following an analysis of hailstones from a storm in May 2009, some bacteria along with organic materials that have the potential to allow the bacteria to stay in storm clouds.

It has been told by the team that bacteria discovered, had the ability to inform where they were from. Most of the bacteria present were suspected to have come from plant surfaces. These are hostile surroundings, which expose bacteria to ultraviolet rays and dry air.

It is being said that the organic materials present likely helped the bacteria in expanding and sustaining their colonies as well.

"Those are some of the same conditions found in the atmosphere, so maybe they're pre-adapted to surviving stressful conditions. We found more of them than we'd expect", said researcher Tina Santl-Temkiv.

The researchers say that study of life in clouds is not an easy deal since rains can pick up bacteria with other contaminants. Hail, however, gets frozen in real time and therefore, the conditions in the cloud can be looked at.

For the study, the surface was sterilized and the outer layer was also removed so that things in the cloud could be identified, the report finds.