Elephant Seal Can Dive Deep into Sea

Elephant-SealElephant seal can not only dive to the depth of the ocean, but it can feed itself there too. The rare discovery was made by a group of researchers in Victoria with the help of 14-year-old Kirill Dudko from Ukraine.

Dudko was watching a live stream from a deep sea camera that was placed off the coast of Vancouver Island. He saw a Hagfish and then saw a nose and whiskers and the animal was inhaled. Dudko found it quite strange and wrote a mail to University of Victoria about the same.

Dr. Kim Juniper from the University of Victoria's Neptune project said that they went through the video and showed the same to mammal experts. The video was seen by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Oregon State University.

Both of the expert institutes said that the animal was a female elephant seal. Juniper said that it is the only specie, which can dive to such a depth. In fact, the elephant seals are able to hold their breath for as long as two hours.

It is one of a kind study as researchers have found deep sea fish inside the stomachs of elephant seal but they were not able to unveil the above mentioned finding.