Live Microbes found in Storm Clouds

Live Microbes found in Storm CloudsIt was not a new thing to know that microbes have the capacity to survive in extreme temperatures. They can be spotted inside the volcanoes as well as on the mountains having bone-chilling temperature.

However, this was quite surprising to know that microbes are also present in the storm clouds. Researchers were astonished as clouds were at a great distance from the Earth. Athanasios Nenes, an atmospheric chemist working at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said that the topic is of a great importance.

Presence of microbes up in the air can play a vital role in depicting global climate. Lindbergh continued by saying that for now, they are not aware of the fact that how many microbes are present up in the atmosphere.

Nenes said that they have tried to know the same by collecting air samples from approximately 30,000 feet. Samples were collected from both the places that are over land and sea. Their assessment report revealed the presence of a lot of bacteria.

"More than 60 percent of them were actually alive, and they were in an active state that that you could say they should be metabolizing and eating things", said Nenes. Experts said that knowing more about the presence of microbes up in the atmosphere is a key topic these days among researchers.