TV and Social Media Adds to Body Dissatisfaction among Girls

TV and Social Media Adds to Body Dissatisfaction among Girls Peers play a role in one's life and a significant one. In a study, it has been revealed that the body image of the girls can leave an impression in the minds of children according to the environment provided by the peers.

Media has a stronghold on the body image, life satisfaction, and symptoms of eating disorders in teenage girls. A lot of debate has already happened over the body dissatisfaction getting influenced by media and thus, leading to eating disorders.

Contrast of peers and media on girl's eating habits and dissatisfaction has been part of the study done by Christopher J. Ferguson and colleagues from Texas A and M International University.

To observe this, researchers questioned 237 young Hispanic girls, aged 10 to 17 years, to name their three favorite TV shows and then give marks on basis of attractiveness of the female actresses in these shows. Then, the girls were also interrogated about how they felt about their bodies.

In the end, it was seen that TV exposure and social media played a significant role on parameters controlling body dissatisfaction.