Russia's Space Project Fails, its Satellite Plunges into Pacific within Minutes of Launch

Russia SatelliteOn Friday, Russia launched a satellite, which finally plunged into Pacific marking the failure of the Moscow's latest space program.

According to the report, the Russian rocket was carrying a US telecommunications satellite, which plunged into the Pacific Ocean only after few moments of its launch from a mobile sea platform. Experts believe that the launch failed as the heavy waves were battering the former northern seas oil platform.

The failure of the Intelsat-27 implies the failure of the giant Boeing aerospace corporation as the final piece of a constellation hasn't been fixed followed by the fact that it's aim of providing TV feeds across Europe and the United States, would not be accomplished now.

"There was an accident during the Zenit rocket launch," a source at the Energia Corporation that makes the Zenit-3SL rocket used to lift up Intelsat satellites told AFP. "The rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean," the source added.

Officials have confirmed no injuries on the huge Odyssey platform, the-once-stationed at oil-rich coast of Norway.

Regarding the failure of the project, Energia chief, Ms. Vitaly Lopota said the Russian rocket's engine appeared to fail after it took off. The exact reason behind the failure is yet not confirmed.