Protection for Wolverines Proposed

WolverinesA suggestion has been put into the ears of the administration to protect the largest of the members of weasel family. In a proposal by the federal Fish and Wildlife Service, it has been said that the wolverine should receive Endangered Species Act protections.

Winter cold in the Rockies has influenced the Center for Biological Diversity, based in Arizona, and Defenders of Wildlife to protect the species.

If the proposal meets conclusion, then the wolverines would come under the same group of polar bears, elkhorn coral and staghorn coral. Then it would fall in the same category as that of all those species threatened by global warming and not just by poachers.

The rule says, "Extensive climate modeling indicates that the wolverine's snowpack habitat will be greatly reduced and fragmented in the coming years due to climate warming, thereby threatening the species with extinction." It is the proposed rule that has classified the species in a different category.

According to Timothy Preso, a lawyer handling the lawsuit, this proposal is a welcoming promise towards achieving the target of protecting the animals from global warming. He said that in the process, they would be protecting the mountains and various lands which are the habitat of wolverines.