India and Asia Collided Millions of Years Later Than Believed, Says Study

HimalayasA group of researchers has recently found in a study that the collision between Asia and India had occurred some 40 million years back. However, it was believed until now that the same had happened some 50 million years ago.

The clash had only made India, a part of the continent, the report says. The researchers have affirmed that there is evidence that the joining of the two had taken place 10 million years later than it was thought earlier.

It was believed that India trounced up with Eurasia while coming northward at a fast pace and the area between these two plates led to the formation of the Himalayas. But, analyzing the rock composition from two regions in the Himalayas, the team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that there had occurred two separate collisional events.

It is being said that the size of India was also smaller before the collision that it has been ever guessed. The fact is that while moving northward, India first bumped with an island string some 50 million years back. Following 10 million years, the nation crashed into the Eurasian continental plate.

"We actually don't think it was one collision... this changes dramatically the way we think India works", said assistant professor of geology, Oliver Jagoutz.