Worried after a Row with Mate? Write It Down and Be Relaxed, Says Study

Worried after a Row with Mate? Write It Down and Be Relaxed, Says StudyResearchers at the Northwestern University, publishing their latest study in the journal Psychological Science, have elicited an easiest way to resolve the small disputes that often happen between couples.

They have affirmed that couples should worry the least now that their small fights could take the shape of big brawls. All they need to do is carry a pen and a paper and write what kind of a row they had had with each other.

The couples would be more satisfied with their married life with this new approach. Besides, they would also successfully experience a lift in their feelings of intimacy, passion, love and trust and commitment as well.

Marriages of a total of 120 couples were examined for a period of two years. Half of all the couples were asked to write about their rows in the second year from a third person's perspective.

They also were asked to write how they would distance themselves down the line. It was found that the seven-minute essays wrote three times a year helped couples to be satisfied with their marital life. The ones who had not written about their fights experienced fall in marital satisfaction in the first year, which further fell in the second year.

"If you can step away from the emotion of an argument, hopefully you can move on to see what you can do differently", said counsellor Paula Hall.