Curiosity Rover Finally Drills On Mars

Curiosity Rover Finally Drills On MarsA news piece has confirmed that finally, the Curiosity rover has started its mission to drill a hole in a Martian rock to know a lot more about the planet. There have been images showed by NASA, where a ring of powder was seen at the end of the rover's robotic arm.

It is expected that the hole would not be more than an inch deep in any case. This is being seen as a test drill which would further lead to major drilling. As part of their major mission, they are most likely to drill a rock and then shifting the ground-up powder to its onboard laboratories for extensive analysis.

It has been known that the Curiosity rover has been on its mission for two long years to Mars since last year to know the possibioioti4res of existence of environmental conditions in the planet for microbes to survive.

While the images give hope that there is a lot to be explored, but it would be worth seeing if at all, anything more concrete would be able to find out during the mission. The mission aims to look for any more planet besides Earth in the solar system to support life as small as microbes.