A Close Approach to Earth by the Asteroid DA14

Asteroid-DA14A close but not so close shove of an asteroid with our planet Earth is bound to happen on February 15. This asteroid, which is thought to be more than the size of football field will make quite a close approach towards earth.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is one of the 50,000 cosmic existences of this sort. The asteroid would be traveling at 4.8 miles per second. It will go faster as it travels from the southern evening sky to the northern morning sky as it would move towards the Earth.

The scientists have said that this asteroid will be the closest of all the trysts that the cosmic existences must have come across. The astronomer Dave Reneke from Australasian Science Magazine said that the objects like these would come close to the earth at least once in 30 years.

Scientists would be using radar to observe DA14. The composition and structure of the asteroid would be studied by them. Along with this, they are planning to comprehend the evolution of the solar system. There is a speculation that the asteroid may contain water. That would be only revealed after studying the composition of the rock.

Scientists have denied any harms pertaining to the little closeness of Earth with this asteroid.