Salt Overdose Enough to Kill Malaria, Claims Study

Salt Overdose Enough to Kill Malaria, Claims StudyA study carried out by researchers at Australian National University has discovered that the deadly malaria parasite can be defeated with the use of salt alone.

Researcher Natalie Spillman had conducted the research with an aim to find the way the salt balance is controlled by the parasite. It was found that the pumps that dot the body of the parasite were crucial for it to get rid of salt.

If the parasite is overdosed with salt, the bloodsucker can face death within a couple of hours. The report has found that the microscopic parasite lives in an infected person's red blood cells.

A paper also recently had highlighted a new antimalarial drug, promising that the same had the potential to target salt pumps of the parasite. The latest study has matched with the same. The drug developer did not know that the key protein played an important role in salt regulation.

''We asked for some samples and have shown that it stops the salt pump working. As soon as we added the drug, the parasite fills up with salt and dies", affirmed physiologist Kiaran Kirk. He is former supervisor of Dr. Spillman.

Published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, the study found that the failure of anti-malarial drugs seen so far was a result of faster evolution of the malaria parasite.