Mutations in the Human Genes Long Time Back Brought in Positive Changes in Human Body

mutationAccording to a study done by scientists at Harvard University, a tiny mutation in one of the genes spread rapidly in central China which led to positive changes in the human race. As per scientists, this mutation came into being about 30,000 years ago which cropped up in the gene named EDAR.

The scientists observed the effects of these genes on mice and other animals that are used in disease research and found that the mutation of these genes is helpful to humans in context with the survival in the greater heated and humid seasons by providing them with some extra sweat glands. These mutations also help in better growth of thicker hair and fuller breasts which help the humans to attract more of opposite sex.

They also revealed that these changing mutations will help the humans survive throughout the world in changing environments as it also increases the bone density, improves skin colour and improve immune system. To identify these evolutionary changes through this DNA, the scientists used high powered computers and examined 179 people. These people were from three different regions East Asia, Utah and West Africa.

David Kingsley, one of the scientists, said that, "It is like we're reading a book of information about our past that has never been available before".