Tesla Launches NYT

Tesla Launches NYTAmidst the rebuttals and confrontation, Tesla model owners have launched NYT.

Earlier, an article criticizing the model came up in The New York Times that had caused clash of words between the manufacturers and the writer. John Broder, the writer, said that the car had stopped in between because of the low battery performance because of weather and driving conditions.

After seeing the review, Tesla's founder Musk was upset and said that Broder had doctored the facts.

Tesla Model S brought seven cars for the test run. Out of seven, one of them was late by an hour. This was because of some technical issues. Rest of the cars reached the final position and did not confront with any of the problems.

One of the blogs have described about the discussion between the two. It says that Tesla needs to have a number of stations to charge in between. According to the blog, Broder lacked experience in this matter.

Speaking on the same, the electric vehicle charging infrastructure entered the market of the U. S. in comparison to the gasoline stations.

An EV readiness assessment tool has been started by the Energy department to accelerate their transition to an EV future.