Drugs Making their Way into Waters: Research

Drugs Making their Way into Waters: ResearchA new research published in the Science Journal revealed that drugs are entering waterways through waste streams, which carry unused pills thrown by people or the drugs excreted by them.

It was discovered that fishes are also responding to these drugs in a much similar ways as humans. The drugs have reached waters as the water treatment plants are not designed to filter out the pharmaceuticals from the used water.

Consequently, the fishes are made to ingest these drugs passively. According to a research carried out by Micael Jonsson of Umeå University in Sweden, lab tanks with concentrations similar to waste water treatment plants downstream made the Perch swimming in it to lose its characteristic inhibitions.

Affected waters made the behaviors of the Perch quite weird and it was found to have considerable effect on the food web. Karen Kidd, a Biologist at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, who was not involved in the new research, said that fishes form very important part of our ecosystem and such events will have very negative effect on the food web.

"In waters where fish begin to eat more efficiently, this can affect the composition of species, for example, and ultimately lead to unexpected effects, such as increased risk of algal blooming", asserted Tomas Brodin, an ecologist and lead author of the article published in Science.